Resurgen Horse muscle plus

Promotes normal development and trophism of muscle mass.
Complementary feed in paste for horses, rich in fish oil, a source of EPA and DHA. With branched aminoacids and carnitine.

20 sachets of 35 g
60 sachets of 35 g


Fish oil (18% EPA-12% DHA) 61.3%, vegetable oils and fats (safflower oil – Carthamus tinctorious L.) 5.3%, MCT-fatty acids esterified with glycerol (caprylic acid, capric acid) , vegetable oils and fats (corn oil). Additives: Nutritional additives: Vitamins, provitamins and chemically well defined substances with similar effect: 3a910 L-carnitine 18.920 mg/kg, 3a700 vitamin E (all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate) 1.430 mg/kg, 3a160 (a) beta- carotene 703.8 mg/kg. Aminoacids, their salts and analogues: 3c301 DL-methionine 18.920 mg/kg. Sensory additives: Flavoring compounds: 2b17012 L-leucine 47.410 mg/kg, 2b17010 D, L-isoleucine 37.840 mg/kg, 2b17028 L-valine 37.840 mg/kg, 2b17003 L-arginine 18.920 mg/kg, 2b17034 glycine 18.920 mg/kg , 2b620 L-glutamic acid 4.620 mg/kg. Technological additives: Binders, Antioxidants: BHT 100 mg/kg.

Analytical composition:

Crude protein16.4%
Crude fiber1.8%
Crude fat63%
Crude ash12.2%
Insoluble ash in hydrochloric acid11.52%


Resurgen Horse Muscle plus is a complementary feed for non-DPA horses (horses not intended for the production of food for human consumption) formulated specifically for the normal development and trophism of the muscular system; provides the essential nutritional elements to support the animal subjected to physical exertion.


Administer directly into the horse’s mouth or mixed with the pleasant food at the rate of two sachets of 35 g per day.

Complete the daily ration with the usual food. Leave fresh water available.
Feed intended for non-DPA horses (horses not intended for the production of food for human consumption). It does not contain substances present in the list of prohibited substances by the FEI (Fèderation Equestre Internationale).