Nutritional Beauty Food

Functional nutrition for animal welfare.


We promote basic scientific and clinical research every year to verify and prove the efficacy and safety of our feeds.
The activities relating to research, production and marketing are integrated by an intense scientific and cultural information and updating program for veterinarians and pharmacists.


We are an Italian company that has been operating in the field of functional animal nutrition for over 30 years. We have always used essential nutritional principles, now we keep to innovate by formulating complementary and dietary feeds for the normal functioning of intestinal and skin barriers, to support the intestinal microbiota and for the physiological maintenance of the endocannabinoid system.


The production of our feed is controlled and certified according to international standards starting from the choice of raw materials, from the processing technique (microencapsulation, tindalization, micronization) to the production technology (pearls, paste, tablets, gels, granules, liquids), in order to guarantee a personalized administration for each animal species.


The N.B.F. – Lanes srl, since 1987, is present throughout the Italian territory with complementary feed for dogs and cats aimed at maintaining animal welfare through the use of selected and innovative nutritional principles; in this context, our Company was the first to launch in Italy:

  • Complementary feed based on Omega 6 fatty acids, long chain, for skin well-being.
  • Complementary feed based on Omega 3 fatty acids, long chain, for renal and joint well-being.
  • Complementary feed based on Potassium Citrate, to be used in case of dietary deficiencies of potassium.
  • Complementary feed based on micronized Carob flour, for intestinal well-being.
  • EPA-based complementary feed for metabolic well-being.

In the last years, NBF Lanes has become a leader in these sectors also thanks to the development of new forms of product presentation (pearls, paste, drops) and the study of new indications of long-chain fatty acids.


In April 2013, NBF Lanes, the first in Italy, launches on the market a line of feeds based on long-chain Omega 3 specific for horses, whose rations are often lacking in these essential nutritional principles: a step forward to support their well-being.

The feeds from the Horse Line, targeted for many areas of well-being of the horse during every phase of its life and different disciplines; they help the normal function of joint and tendon, skin and heart, gastric, respiratory and erythropoietic system; compensation of electrolyte losses and chronic diseases of the large intestine, reduction of stress manifestations.